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April 21, 2017

9 Surefire Ways to Increase eBay Sales


I’ve been selling on eBay for a while now & I’ve learned through trial & error how to increase eBay sales. In the beginning eBay was my main source of income, so increasing sales was extremely important to me and my family.

Tips to Increase eBay Sales

Things are always changing. You have to be on the cutting edge and be willing to change your approach to get your desired result. The buyers are definitely on eBay, but if you haven’t been learning and adjusting then you’ve probably been left behind. When I started selling on eBay I was doing what everyone else was doing and was getting average results. When I started digging, tweaking and testing is when my sales started taking off. If you do what the average person does you will get average results. Below are 9 of the best ways that I have found to increase eBay sales:

1. Social Media

If you aren’t leveraging social media you’re really missing out. At the very least you should be sharing your items to your social media business pages. If you don’t have Facebook (Fan Page), Twitter or Pinterest accounts for your eBay items you’re really dropping the ball. Get your items out there, buyers are searching for your items right now and if you don’t serve them someone else will.

2. Get Watchers

Watch your own stuff. There is nothing wrong (in my humble opinion) with watching your own items. This may be a little “Grey Hat” but oh well, it works. This will give you a bump in the search results, as well as give buyers a sense of urgency. When a buyer notices someone is already watching your item they may feel compelled to purchase your item, or at least watch it. Use this technique at your own risk, as I am not entirely sure of eBay’s policy regarding this.

3. Adjust Prices

Decrease your price incrementally a couple of times per day, even .01 will help. Why does this work? I believe eBay sees a change in your listing and therefore re-indexes your listing in search. Without new watchers, sales, or price changes, over time your listings become stale and fall towards the bottom of search. Changing your prices, even if only a little, will help guard against this.

4. Go for the Click

You aren’t going to sell anything if buyers aren’t clicking through to your offer. Use tools like PicPick to increase your image size, or crop your main image to make it stand out in search. Make your main image different from the others, this WILL get you more clicks which will likely result in more sales.

5. Get Found

If you want to increase eBay sales you need better or different keywords in your title than your competition. Use Google Keyword Planner, it’s free to anyone that has a google account. Go for long-tail keywords (brown corner computer desk instead of just computer desk). Don’t go for keywords with the most amount of monthly searches because this is where the competition is. Differentiate your listings and reap the rewards.

6. Create Scarcity

If you only have a quantity of 1 then disregard this. But if you show a quantity of 5 (for example) in your listing, try reducing your quantity to 2. This will create buyer urgency or scarcity. Put your “Buyer” hat on, if you are interested in an item but it has a quantity of 5 (with no previous sales history) you may “watch” that item and come back to it later, or you may not even watch it and think you can just come back to the item later on. You want a buyer to take some type of action, either Buy or Watch. Keeping your available quantity to a minimum will at least get you more watchers, if not more sales, as a really interested buyer doesn’t want to lose out.

7. Item Specifics

In other words the UPC Code, Manufacturer Part Number, Model Number, etc. When you create a listing on eBay they will have optional fields you can complete regarding your item. I have 2 rules I like to follow here:

  1. IF you can compete on price, by all means fill out all of the Item Specifics that you can. eBay will know exactly what item you are selling and you will get more exposure, IF you can compete on price.
  2. If you cannot compete on price, then my advice is to stay away from filling out things like UPC codes, because eBay will see that you cannot compete on price and your exposure may be limited. You can be vague on the item specifics and eBay will not (in all likelihood) be able to compare your listing to someone else’s and therefore you aren’t competing on price.

8. Negotiation

Use Best Offer. Look, some people just like to haggle. Some buyers will want the option to submit an offer no matter how low your price is. If they can’t make you an offer, they’ll make an offer to someone else. Give them this option.

9. Selling Limits

If you are a new seller you will have smaller selling limits than someone who has been selling on eBay for a while. You want to max out your limits with quality listings, then call eBay to get your limits raised. Do this every month, because you can’t sell it if you can’t list it. One tip is they like to see a high conversion rate, meaning they want to see you selling items before they give you a limit raise. So don’t be wasteful in the beginning with your listings. You can always delete dead listings and make new ones, but they charge a fee for each listing.

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Using these techniques (at your discretion) should help you tremendously. I have used all of the above to help increase eBay sales. Use your best judgement however, it’s your business, do what works for you. Also in a previous post I show you how to get wholesale accounts. When you combine that post with this one your results are sure to compound. Well that’s all for now, I hope these tips help increase eBay sales for you. Until next time.